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Hobbyists and Future Students, Read This
Everything to Know Before Enrolling into Court Reporting School
CART vs Captioning vs Freelance vs Court
What Can I Write Off?
Why I Left Freelance + My Current Routine
The Three Costliest Mistakes You Could Make
What Reporters Like to Buy/Ways to Make Your Life Easier
Which Software?
Which Machine?
What Do Organizations Do For Me?
Can I Write Out All My Numbers?
How to Make Mark Kislingbury’s Dictionary Work For You
Always Improve

Steno Alphabet
10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Court Reporting School
Mark Kislingbury Theory Shortcuts: Prefixes
Why Highspeed is Necessary
The Two Most Important Things to Guarantee Graduation
Ways to Cut Bills to Work Less
How to Save Thousands in Court Reporting School
Best Books for Court Reporters, Bar None
I Need Dictation
Let’s Talk Money

What’s In My Minimalist Office – Freelancer
Organization is Essential: Freelance
What’s In My Steno Bags
The Only Two Swear-Ins You’ll Need
First-Day Checklist
Easy Speaker List
Ongoing Costs as a Freelancer
Systematic Dictionary Building
Smart Briefing
Am I Ready for Realtime?
Reporting in the First Year
Perfect Court Reporting Makeup
The Complete Court Reporting Wardrobe (Female)
Court Reporting Wardrobe (Male)
Excellent FB Sites for CRs
What to Look for in a Firm

What’s In My Minimalist Office – Captioner
Captioning Equipment
Getting Your Settings Right (Eclipse)
Dictionary Work Before Captioning
Organization is Essential: Captioning
Job Dictionaries
Words in Brackets
Words with Punctuation

Setting Up Eclipse Student For the First Time
How to Transfer Eclipse to a New Computer (Computer Crash)
Every Punctuation
Marking Your Spot
Creating Macros: QWERTY and steno
Creating Macros From Scratch
Glue Stroke
Stitch Stroke
Force Height Strokes
AutoIndexing on Eclipse
Inputting Firms into Eclipse
How To Create a Paren in Eclipse
Steno Keyboard Macros
Editing (QWERTY) Macros

Weather Briefs
Sports Briefs
Depo Briefs
Top 1000 Phrases
Unusual Words
Common Words

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  1. Hi Melody, I just saw your videos and you are very thorough and easy to listen to. I am looking for a new career change and i was wondering if you could tell me how much stenographers make? Do you think this career choice will be automated in the future? Do you think it is recession proof? I work full time now, is this something I can learn after work, or do I have to really commit to it without working? Thanks in advance!

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