Save Big Money at Bed Bath Beyond, Target, and Container Store

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(1) Container Store


First, if you do shop at Container Store regularly, unfortunately you generally have to hit the sales at just the right time or spend $100 or more (who does that?) with their free Pop Program, so the only sale I ever hit is their regular sale which is Dec-Feb 30% off on all Elfa products. Other than that, I try to buy the organizing product on Amazon if I can because I hate overspending on containers and organizing tools.

(2) Target


Buy every home decor product online!! You get free shipping with every $25 order, and they only have the 10-25% off online! I bought a down pillow online and ended up saving 25%. You can’t find these deals in store, unless they’re on clearance (which is rare). That is my number one tip for saving money at Target. You see a decor piece you like, a candle hurricane, or a plate for the wall, do NOT buy it in store. Go home and order it.

Second, return anything that does not work, and I really mean anything. If the deodorant didn’t work, if the makeup was the wrong color, if the hair pin didn’t meet your expectation, return it! Do not just throw it out. Their returns, unlike Walmart, are quick and easy, so there is no excuse. Even if you bought it online, return it in store.

Third, use their Target card every time you buy there or online! You save an additional 5% just for using it, and it makes returns a breeze, and allows you 120 days to consider if you like a product. You don’t even need the receipt to return! You can change out decor if you’re tired of it after 100 days. This is the benefit of owning a Target card!

(3) Bed Bath Beyond


Sign up for their email program and make sure your address is in their system. You will get 20% off coupons and $5 off $15 coupons. Anytime something is $24 or less, ALWAYS use your $5 off $15 coupon instead of your 20% off one. Also, keep in mind that they take the coupons, even if they’re expired. Do not throw out coupons because they’re expired!

Finally, if you’re going to buy something big, buy it online with the promo online coupons they send in your PROMOTIONS folder, the 20% off ones. Anything over $75 ships free.

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