Pursuing Ultimate Simplicity in 2016

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For 2016, I will be doing a series of experiments to get down to as little as possible. Things like washing my clothes by hand for a month – these experiments are fun to me, the challenge and the new things to learn. Here are some ideas I’ve had and some that you may want to consider trying, depending how game you are for a challenge or what level of simplicity you are going for. I will write on most of these subjects as I get to them and will make the changes permanent when I notice minimal difference in well-being:

condiments (1-3)
home clothes (sew three identical shift dresses by hand)
mouse clicks (commands by keyboard instead)
browsing – whether shopping or on Facebook
productivity and busyness
thinking and reading
desktop icons (2-3)
makeup (5 makeup products)
cooking and variety (eating the same lunch five days out of the week every week for a month, only making two types of smoothies)
exercise that involves equipment
duplicates, including my lip balm, pencil, scrunchies, certain cookware, and Aleve (of which I have duplicates)
Apartment Therapy/Martha Stewart articles (personalize it for you)

breathing deeply
appreciating every activity and giving them all equal weight – even washing hands or talking with a stranger
walking, exercise that only requires body weight
paying full price when there is a need and ignoring sales
clearing of the mind

This year, 2015, I have experimented with minimizing or eliminating:
dairy (because of my migraines)
baking (allowing me to downsize a lot of bakeware and ingredients)
eating out/spending
paid entertainment
credit/store cards I no longer use
physical copies of recipe cards
DVDs and CDs (no more hard copies)
books (three is ideal; I’m at five)
paper clutter (now, a paperless office)
magazines (only one at a time)
coupons/sales from coming into the house

4 thoughts on “Pursuing Ultimate Simplicity in 2016

  1. Hello Melody!

    I am so inspired. The freedom from enjoying less things, more, and having more time – as opposed to having so much stuff and how that just clutters the mind, is amazing.

    Thank you for your advice, ideas, and motivation. Thank you for freedom and peace! My home is clean and clear of the many (things I don’t need) eyesores. You remind us that places in our homes are precious real estate. People matter, but things better have a good reason for taking up space.

    Sweet day to you,
    Donna (ex-packrat 🙂 )

  2. Hi Melody,

    I fell in love with your YouTube videos about minimalism, and I am so happy you have this website as well! You are incredible!

    This year, I also went dairy free. After researching, I found out dairy may be culprit for my lifelong allergy and asthma problems. Within days, my suspicion was confirmed, and I have been dairy free ever since. I would love to know more about your experience eliminating dairy. Did your migraines go away? Have you had any challenges with elimination? I’m always curious to get another’s perspective on this.

    Have an awesome day!


    • Hey Amanda! Such a nice name. My sister’s name too. 🙂

      Dairy was the culprit for the majority of my migraines. Migraines are caused by not just diet, but can also be caused by weather, noise, trauma (dental visit, injury), and scent (perfumes, gasoline). Too much or too little of exercise and sleep is also a factor. It is a delicate life, but it keeps us from a lot of things that are bad for us that most people can handle for years. Definitely when I stopped eating dairy, my migraines lessened in severity.

      It is hard for me to weed out all dairy, as I do enjoy milk chocolate from time to time and still cheese if I’m out. I found a lot of success in weeding out MSG as well, which was in many of the things I used to eat – Cheetos, Doritos, Gardetto’s, bouillon cubes, ramen noodle. Although very hard, I stay away from bread as much as I can as well since so many things in bread can trigger migraines – yeast, fermentation (sourdough), wheat, and gluten.

      I have a post on migraine triggers that will be really helpful for you I would weed out only one thing at a time for a period of two weeks to see if there’s any success. I try to stick to as basic a diet as possible now, for simplicity’s sake: http://www.thesimplebrief.com/migraines/

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