30-Day Spending Freeze

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Today is Day 3 of my 30-day spending freeze. I thought it was a great month to do a spending freeze, right before the holidays. You may want to consider doing something like this if you want to save up for Christmas presents or if you just need a reset in your life to gain clarity on wants and needs.

There are many 30-day challenges you can do, if you have no issues with spending. For instance, I will be undertaking a 30-day no added sugar challenge after the holidays. Dietary challenges are better reserved when you’re not traveling or dining at other people’s places. A spending challenge, however, can take place at any time.

Here are the things I can’t spend on:
anything from Amazon/Target
any home decor
any clothing item
any personal items, including toiletries
eating out
entertainment like movies/sports

Here are the things I will still spend money on:
fresh fruit/vegetables
fresh meat
regular bills (internet, rent, utilities, phone)

I stocked up on toiletries as needed, and I made sure I had enough canned items and seasoning packets and chicken broth. If your fridge and pantry is bursting at the seams (which mine does not allow), then you don’t even need to stock up on items. You can just use everything you have.

The main challenge for me is not eating out for 30 days. I don’t think I’ve done this since I left home five years ago. Yikes. Like many millenials, I eat out at least twice a week.

Here are some 30-day challenges you can pick from if you don’t have a spending problem or if you need time to prepare for a spending fast:
no swearing (including in your head haha)
no alcohol
no junk food
no tobacco
no caffeine
no added sugar (juices, sodas, ketchup, desserts)
no dairy
no Internet use outside of work
no media (TV/movies)
5 outfits for 30 days
exercise every day (especially hard in the winter)
read every day

I will keep you updated on this current challenge and any purchase I do make during this challenge for fresh food.

The great things about these challenges is that they show you what you’re capable of and what really matters. It’s a reset button to get closer to the person you want to be.

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