Best Spice Organization Method

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The great thing about this spice method of organization is that it works for any system you currently use. Finding spices is a breeze if you color-code them.

my spices

Here are the colors I use:
green – herbs
red – ground
gold – spices with “powder” in its name
purple – spice with “salt” or “pepper” in its name (celery salt, red pepper flakes, etc.)
blue – whole spices and seeds (bay leaves, bouillon cubes, vanilla bean, etc.)

my spices2
I also have little spices that I use for making pumpkin pie. Since I don’t make many pumpkin pies, I buy them in the small McCormick bottles, and I keep them in their original containers.

Here is what you need for this project:
clear shoe box
Post-It notepad and pencil
24 spice jars – bigger the better
funnel – with big opening
spice labels – very cheap
5 different color markers
tray – optional (you can use a box from Amazon, for instance)

The tray I used was from West Elm. The spice jars were from the Container Store, along with the clear shoe box.

Wash the jars.
Fill them.
Label them.
Put the excess in the shoe box.
Put the shoe box in the back of the pantry.
Write whatever you have extra on your Post-It pad so you know if you need to buy more if your spice runs out or if you have some extra in the back of the pantry.

my spices3

I keep my Post-It pad on my magnetic shopping list. Very convenient. The spices that I use a lot are on the left. The ones I barely use are on the right side.

my spices4

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