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Stability comes from detachment of outcomes.  To do our work with focus, and to let the results go where they may.  To love and let people be as they are.

When we do not expect, then inside we are unified.  We have accepted the dark and the light, we have accepted what is in the environment.  With a level head, we can commit our hands to doing a good job, our backs labor in peace.  We sleep.  We rise up to whatever comes our way.  People can be inspired in times of instability when they see equilibrium.


We have our time to mourn, our time to put our hand to the plow.  We pay our dues.  There are injustices, discomfort, and things fall apart.  We are moved to tears by beauty and loss, but there is no resistance to the emotion or resistance to what life doles.  We accept it as it is, and stability restores everything to its original condition.  Courage, honesty, and dedication step in to broker a better world and a safer reality, and cooperation feeds the soul.

The alternative is to control, and to be bound to everything in the external – validation, wealth, pleasure – but we are tossed around accordingly.  The only true things come from inside, and they give constancy and ballast.   They orient us toward all that we were made for, so that there are no elaborate plans.

In the holiday, may you be in the moment with your family, with your tasks, with your conversation, with your dress.  May you never focus on lack or what you want to get to, but live and realize what each moment offers.


To move quickly is to miss the beauty of patience and interiority.  To get lost is to miss the ballast built from detail and hard work.

When I stand too close, the earth appears flat; but with distance from my own biases, everything gets clearer.

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