What to Take

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Hurricane Irma is about to hit Florida, and it’s a good time to make a list of the things you would take and also to take a picture of your property and possessions for insurance purposes.

Pack in your car:

1. Pat in her kennel, with food and litter

2. necessities – most things on my Travel List, shoes, socks, jackets, blankets

3. first aid kit and some food/water/ice

4. anything irreplaceable – SD cards, hard drive, paperwork, art (photos, if you have them)

5. anything expensive and compact – laptops, cameras, steno machine, Vitamix, favorite clothes, some makeup


What not to take:

anything bulky – no furniture

any hobby/outdoor equipment

oddball things like light bulbs, paper clips

anything heavy – bottles of product, liquids that aren’t water, batteries (unless I had a flashlight)


Estimated losses for a minimalist:

If I had an hour to clear out and everything else were wiped out in a disaster – fire, hurricane, or earthquake –  this is the cost it would take to replace:
kitchenware – 1K
oddball household things – 1K
furniture – 5K

Most families own more things and also have more people in a house, but this is a rough estimate.  Most minimalists, I would guess, would lose 5K total, unless they owned their house. Some could pack everything in one suitcase if they’re nomadic and don’t own kitchenware or furniture.

This post covers ideas for preparation and also how much it would cost to furnish a house as a minimalist, in the interest of peace of mind.

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