What Can I Write Off? (Taxes)

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I’ll discuss the system for tax receipt organization in another post; this post is just a streamlined list of everything you can write off. This is the list I use every year.

Category totals I send to tax lady:
office supplies/furniture*
Eclipse support
NCRA membership
Google backups

any CR book or dictation
Magnum Steno membership
big purchases**

conferences/seminars/college course for CEUs
travel expenses to out-of-state jobs, conferences, or testing
sites (car rental, hotel, food, airline ticket)
your tax lady’s fee or tax prep software

ONLY for freelance:
food on the job

ONLY for captioners:
copper line + long-distance calling (plus installation) – AT&T
TV (the portion used for captioning) – Comcast
business internet upgrade – Comcast

Things I don’t write off, but you should look into:
office room (deduct portion of rent)
child care
cell phone (ONLY if at least 50% of the use is for business)
maid service for office (deduct portion of maid service)
healthcare insurance

CANNOT write off:
anything for your wardrobe
artwork for your office
disability insurance

Skim through this expanded list of the big and little office purchases:

* paper, ink, batteries, post-its, paperclips, staples, pens, markers, rubberbands, mouse, keyboard, packing envelopes

** steno machine, office chair, CR bags, laptop, lamp, headset, digital recorder, desk, modem, printer, scanner, speakers, office clock, mics, laptop tray, GPS, TV for captioning, TV mount, external hard drives, routers

Finally, have you purchased anything from a court reporting vendor online or at a convention/seminar in the past year? All of these purchases can be written off.

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