The Perfect Guest Bathroom/Bedroom

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I like to have guests over, and I’ve stayed at various houses over the years for a few days here and there. I made note of all the things I liked so that one day I could be a thoughtful host. This is a checklist that you can go through to see if it could work for you. Maybe you just got a house with an extra bathroom/bedroom, and you’re ready to entertain, or maybe you’ve had guests sleep over for years but just put things in the bathroom haphazardly. This list can help you.

I just tell my guests to bring their own face wash/cream and makeup (basically anything on the face), but the rest is taken care of. You can show them around the bathroom so they know where everything is, and I also like to show them where the first aid kit is if they get a headache or even just need a Bandaid.

Because I use the guest bathtub for bathing, I do leave my salts, bath bombs, and bubble bath fluid used as decor so the guests can help themselves as well to those things.
The best advice I can give for the guest bathroom is to leave nothing in there that wouldn’t be there for the guests, if at all possible, so they have as much storage room as they want and so that you can just tell them, anything in here is for you to use.

It is great for the guest bathroom to put a lamp in there so it’s lit at all times. This is more stylish than a nightlight; it adds ambiance and character. Designers do this, and guests will enjoy the light.

The best advice for the guest bedroom is to NOT use any scents in there. No plug-in scents in the wall and no scented detergent when doing the sheets. All hotels know this because people have allergies and sensitivities and what smells good to you may not smell good to a guest. Put your scent in the bathroom because they only have to spend 10 minutes a day in there, but NOT in the bedroom. This is thoughtful.

place to put their toothbrush
2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner
eco bar of soap

small rectangle tray on counter
qtips/cotton rounds stored on tray in container
makeup remover
eco bathroom toilet drops or spray

towel rack near bathroom (can use an over-the-door hook or hang a rack by bath if it is not near it)
hand towel
plush bath mat

In Storage in Bathroom:
extra towels
nailpolish remover
shaving cream
razor heads
wipes for counter
over-the-cabinet plastic bag holder with plastic bags

bath salts
bubble bath
bath bombs

queen airbed or mattress
nightstand/lamp OR tray (lucite is great) to corral earplugs/lamp/water
eye drops
nail clipper

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