The Perfect Pamper Routine

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I do this routine 2-3 times a week. It’s one of my favorite parts about life. We all need a reset routine. I hope you enjoy.

What You’ll Need:
1. bath salts
2. hair clip
3. face mask (optional)
4. candles/matches
5. iced tea (optional)
6. normal bathing products (soap, poof, shampoo/conditioner, face wash)

The optional products I don’t always use every time I bathe.
I don’t like to overcomplicate my pamper routine with scrubs, hair masks, or nail routines. I also don’t shave during my pamper routine; I do that the day before. It would become more of a chore than an experience if you add too many steps.

I’ve tried bath bombs, bubble baths, and bath salts, and I have to say, by far, bath salts are my favorite. They moisturize your skin, and you tingle all over when you’re done.

I always clip my hair up before a pamper evening. This is because bath salts weigh down hair with oils, and bubble bath strip the hair of oils. So I wash my hair after I bathe.

I start my tub off with the hottest water possible. I top it off with cooler water to bring it down to the perfect temperature as it nears the top.

I bring in my three lanterns, light them, and light my bathroom candle with three wicks. So this is a total of 6 wicks. It sets the mood just right.

I bring in my ice cold uncaffeinated beverage (usually chamomile tea). Sometimes I skip the tea.

Remove makeup/sunscreen if wearing any with your facial cleanser. I apply my mask to face, neck, and upper back. I only use a mask once a week, so if I bathe more than that, I skip this step.

Adjust the temperature of the water (with cool water) and hop in.

I soak for about 10 minutes, ending with a sweat (because I like the water hot and the candles add heat). I wash my body with my soap.

I blow out my bathroom candle and drain the water. Then I wash my hair in the shower with the lanterns on. I use one of the tubs in my house as a designated bathing tub. With this tub you want either no shower curtain or just a clear one so you don’t need to turn the lights on. You can keep your lanterns burning and finish off your shower.

What really completes the experience is a plush bath towel (best one I’ve found, even better than expensive Turkish towels or bamboo ones is the $9 Royal Velvet ones from JCPenney) and a plush bath mat (memoryfoam) or smooth teak bath mat. It makes it feel like a true spa experience.

Other things you can buy to enhance your bathing experience (but I do not own):
Better Bath Deep Water Bath (it closes off the drainage holes so you can have a deeper bath)
a bath pillow
bathtub shelf

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