The Two Most Important Things to Guarantee Graduation

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1. Practice

Nothing will make up for you losing days in a row of practice. Not short writing, not high-speed writing, not new dictation – nothing! Every day practice (outside of school) is essential, and literally the most important thing in school. If you only do one thing, practice every day.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is so important. What I mean, lessen ALL chores as much as possible. Lessen leaving the house where possible. Move as close to the school as possible. Try new methods of practice (high-speed, endurance), try new things in general (readback, transcribe, write out, brief, new dictation, seminars, new CR book). Keep yourself guessing. Keep tweaking and adjusting. Don’t get stuck in your ways. Be open-minded.

Here is a bonus tip:

3. Pick out a uniform even if your school doesn’t have one. Some of the most brilliant people in the world eat the same thing all the time or wear the same color shirt/pants every day Jay Leno, Tesla, Steve Jobs. This is because they don’t want to waste energy on things that don’t matter.
So set out the same set of clothes Mon-Fri. It doesn’t have to be matching and it doesn’t have to be the same week-to-week if you need more variety, but just so you know what you will wear every day. Same with your makeup/skincare. Keep things as basic as possible.

Finally, same thing with your food. Keep it as basic as possible. Oatmeal every school morning? Eggs every weekend? This will make shopping and planning efficient. Do something that is predictable so you can focus your energy on what is the most important: your future. You can spice things up later, if that is your desire.

Being a minimalist while in school in all things (events, clothes, makeup, errands) made my life a lot more zen and focused.

One thought on “The Two Most Important Things to Guarantee Graduation

  1. Hello Melody!

    Your advice is a great help to me. I am a student of an at home study program with 20 theory lessons, then speed building to follow. I am on lesson #7. I work full time from 9am to 5pm Mon. – Fri., but may have an opportunity to quit my job soon. Do you have any comments or suggestions on my steno practice schedule:

    I practice 3 hours a day. The hours are spread out – 1 early morning, 1 afternoon, then 1 evening. Part of this three hours is not steno writing but reading back my notes – but about 2 hours is actual steno writing practice.

    Have a great day,

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