Great Gift Ideas For Kids

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The holidays are upon us. My Christmas gift-giving video will be up this Sunday, but I wanted to take a moment for the kids. When it comes to teenagers, I usually just give them money. Because other than tech, that’s all most kids want anyway.

Even though I am a minimalist, when I have kids, these are the gifts I would consider giving them throughout the year. I hope not to make Christmas about gifts, and the way I plan to do this is by giving them things as the need or desire presents itself, staying out of stores as much as possible (other than the grocery store), avoiding television, and homeschooling. There are many reasons why I want to homeschool (the biggest reasons being that I want to make schooling more efficient and inspiring) – but more on that in a different post.

The main reason why kids want many things is because of influence, through school friends or other advertisement (in a store or on television). Certainly churchgoing and neighborhood play has an influence when it comes to advertisement by friends – but there is nothing harmful in a bike or faux fur sleeping bag to me, to give them comfort and activity, just I stray from the name-brand and a lot of media. By limiting television, they will have temporary contentment, until they learn the value of it and the discipline for it so hopefully they can have contentment for all their life. It is the most valuable thing to me, and I hope I can emulate it for them.

Of course, these are just ideas that you might consider, but every family’s values and kids are different, and I’m sure I’ll have to adjust to fit my kids’ personalities in many ways, which is a blessing and opportunity I hope to one day have.

Top Gifts I’d Love to Buy:
bicycles, new sneakers, trampoline, roller blades – depending on the size of my place, I may just get them rollerblades or a bike, but if I live in the country, there will be enough space for both

kinetic sand or Play-Doh (or for the mature, zen sand garden – maybe it’d just be for me lol)

Legos ($50) and/or Playmags Clear Magnetic Tiles ($99)

doll or bear to sleep with

art supplies – colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor paints

picture books

faux fur sleeping bag for sleepovers ($119-$199) with a fort tent

Other things I would consider: play cars, doctor set, kitchen set, chemistry set

If your kid already has all or most of these and perhaps even a pet or yearly vacation, then they are living in the top 1% of kids, I’d say! All they need is contentment because with the aforementioned things, you really need nothing else but your imagination to keep entertained all childhood long.

Tech usually makes kids wonder less and enjoy less, so I would put it off for as long as possible. DVDs and a laptop are perhaps inevitable, so I won’t fight it – just delay it.

Let me know if you have tech rules in your household and any toys I might have missed here!

3 thoughts on “Great Gift Ideas For Kids

  1. Melody, you’re so right. I don’t know if I would call my 6 month old a minimalist since he lives with material abundance compared to most babies in the world. But compared to his “friends” he is certainly spartan!

    He doesn’t have all the bouncers and jumpers and gadgets that are so popular. A simple quilt on the floor with a few developmentally appropriate toys has worked quite well. He started crawling and pulling up to standing at a very young age because he was not confined in an entertainment system and had more motivation to explore his environment.

    The most important thing young children and babies require is their parents’ undivided attention and love!

  2. It’s a lovely idea Melody, one that I agree with wholeheartedly. I home-schooled my 2 children in the UK in the 80’s, with no TVs for the first few years, and it was wonderful, a time I look back on as the happiest part of my life so far. My daughter has a baby now, and she is living in a small flat. All the friends and relatives are bringing endless gifts for the baby and it’s hard for my daughter to refuse them. I am itching to get her decluttered and organised, but of course I can’t do that!

  3. Hello Melody! I love your Youtube channel and blog 🙂 One suggestion for a child, if there is room in the apartment, is a dollhouse and crafty supplies to make all the furniture and decorations. Maybe even fabrics to make dolls clothes. I had this as a little girl and it was my favourite. Happy New Year!

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