Utilizing Modules

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my mom made the labels - four cookbooks and a bible, welcome to the South

The best and most efficient way of organizing is to organize like with like. You can do this very cheaply with shoe boxes or decorative plastic boxes and a label maker. Then stack them away in a closet. However, I wanted to display my modules, so I bought wicker baskets for them.

I bought two cubby organizers and four wicker baskets from Target for under $100. My mom who scrapbooks made the cute labels.

The labels that I have are health (supplement drawer), first aid, bags (beach bag), office (office supplies). There are two empty cubby holes that I fill with books and a tiny structured boutique bag that holds my Apple cords.

Whenever I want a supplement, a book, a first aid item, or office supply (batteries?), I come here. On top of this organizer is a beautiful Target container that holds all my present wrapping items (scissors, ribbon, tape, and light bulbs). If I’m ever wrapping a present, I grab that container off the top and get to work. I like this particular module to be easy to tote around because I won’t just grab items out of it, I will want to grab the whole box.

The best thing about these cubby holes is that you can break them apart and stack them side by side, which I am currently doing in my new space. Three next to three on a shelf. Previously, I just had them vertical, and put Container Store’s Wobble Wedges (two under each front leg), to have it tilt TOWARDS the wall, so it would never fall on someone, even in an earthquake haha. It never fell, but this was just a cheap precautionary measure.

Container Store Wobble Wedges – $3

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