Save Big Money at West Elm and Pottery Barn

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I never pay full price at Pottery Barn and West Elm, and neither should you. West Elm and Pottery Barn are not like Container Store, where you have to wait and wait to get the best price. You only have to wait a maximum of one month to get a great bargain.

(1) West Elm


The majority of my furniture comes from WE. I don’t care for their lamps and such or pillows/rugs, so on, only furniture. This is because they are very mid-century modern, which has a minimalist aesthetic to it. When it comes to the accent pieces like mirrors and lanterns and lamps, I much prefer Target or Pottery Barn.

Anyway, because I do buy the big pieces at WE, I tend to spend more there. The best way to save money with WE is to understand that WE and PB have big sales in stages. So they will have a curtain sale for one month, a bedroom furniture for one month, etc. So literally the best way to save money is just to be patient for when one of those big sales hit and you can get 20-30% off a single piece of furniture.

But let’s say you need a certain piece NOW. The best way to save money is to sign up for their email program. Make sure to check your PROMOTIONS folder in Gmail. Here they will send 20% off any one item or 20% your entire order coupons. They also will send coupons to your house if you sign up for their credit card.

Signing up for their credit card gives you 10% back in reward points per purchase, so if you’re buying anything over $100, you would be foolish not to do this.

Finally, if you are not getting a promotional code or coupon, go on eBay. You can buy 20% off coupons and $10 off your order of $50. With the $10 off $50, you can COMBINE it with a sale going on, which can be a huge savings!

(2) Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Kids 3_tcm87-21329

Because it’s owned by the same company, Pottery Barn has a similar format to WE. Although, instead of 20% off, most of the time they just give 15% off coupons. It is rare to get a 20% off coupon, but I do get them as promotional codes on occasion. They also do the $10 off $50 coupons, and you can also use them with a sale going on. They also send out $25 gift cards for people that shop there a lot.

Pottery Barn has a separate credit card that also gives 10% back in rewards. So it is a must-have. You get 10% back, plus your 15 or 20% off! Also, look for coupons on eBay as well.

Another tip I have for saving money is by asking them if they have something in stock before driving down to see if I can avoid the shipping costs online. If they don’t have it in store, I’ll ask them, do you have it on your Ship to Store List? If it is on that list, then the shipping to that store is free!

Also, sometimes you may find something in their store on the floor with no inventory in the back. They usually will offer to ship it to your house in that case for free from their online center because technically they’re supposed to have stock of it.

Finally, they used to adjust the price of something you bought before a sale then went on sale within 30 days, but they no longer do this. So you need to make sure you’re using coupons and/or hitting a sale in order not to lose out on free money! Also, always use your PB card.

Also, if they ask to refund you all in gift cards (if half your order was bought with a gc), always decline. You will lose that 10% with your PB credit card if you get a gift card back only for a return that you didn’t pay all in gift card.

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