What Reporters Like to Buy

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Aside from the nice house, which make court reporting enjoyable since you sit on your couch so much to edit, here are the top ways I’ve noticed reporters like to spend their money:

1. Shoes/clothes/jewelry/bags/makeup
2. Furniture/kitchen supplies – this one is me!
3. Travel
4. Help around the house. This includes baby sitter, maid service, food delivery, yard workers.
5. Spa services – hot tub, nails, hair, eyebrows.
6. Their kids – trips to Disneyland, private school, day care, Kindles, laptops, iPods.
7. Normal American luxuries – eating out, cable, new car, alcohol.
8. New steno books, machines in five years, chairs, desks, office supplies
9. Therapy – massage, chiropractic car, acupuncture.

For me, the main things I use my money for are massages, maid service, new dresses, and savings. As a freelancer, you will spend a lot in eating out, day care, and a reliable car. I don’t care for new cars or travel, so this saves me a lot of money. I put as much money into savings as possible.

When you are as young as me, it is imperative to save – for a down payment, payment for a car outright, and for retirement. The sooner you save for retirement, the more compound interest will work for you. I’ll cover retirement in another post. This was just more for fun, to give you an idea of what your life would be like as a reporter.

Here’s an idea of costs on what will make your life significantly lighter:
Massages $60-$100 (for an hour)
Maid service $60-$80 per hour (for an apartment)
Food Delivery $15 (only in major areas)
Yard Service $30-$50
Magnum Steno Club $30 a month (necessary for captioners)
Baby sitting $10-$20 an hour
Eyebrows $20

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