What To Buy in Bulk, What To Buy Online

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I have one place designated in my house for basically all bulk items, although I keep the food in the pantry. This way, I know where to look when I run out of something.
This is a list so that you can streamline your life by having everything necessary on hand and not spending extra gas money to make a last-minute store run and not paying more for something by buying it one at a time.

HIGH-USE ITEMS (Here’s My Examples):
canned olives – Costco
canned diced tomato – Costco
Aleve – 225 count
beef jerky – Costco
frozen blueberries – Costco
frozen pineapple – Costco
brown rice – Costco
beef stew packets
taco packets
baking soda

Any item that you need to go to a special store for (can’t get online or at primary grocery store) OR canned items used frequently in recipes, keep at least ONE backup:
all-purpose spray
local honey
Whole Foods crackers
Whole Foods frozen kale/strawberries

Whole Foods wipes
Whole Foods pads
Whole Foods bar soap
shave cream
Seventh Generation laundry detergent

canned tomato paste
canned tomato sauce
canned crushed tomato
canned green bean
canned soups
tomato juice

Things I always buy ONLINE, so never need to worry about:
eco dish pods
essential oils
bulk toilet paper – Amazon
bulk paper towels – Amazon
Wonder Seed shampoo/conditioner (buy bulk to get free shipping)

Things to shop for in REAL-LIFE:
perishable items
heavy items (rice, water)

Examples of what NOT to buy in bulk because of expiration:
all makeup items
face wash

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