What’s In My Minimalist Bag

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My bag never changes. I always keep the same things in it, unless I’m traveling. I like to only bring the essentials at all times.

I am in love with my bag. I only own one. It is the Fossil Sydney Top Zip bag. It is amazing because it has a built-in card holder. It is extremely slim and classy. The strap adjusts so I can have three types of bag (shoulder bag, crossbody, clutch). Also, it is in my favorite color: blue. The leather is buttery and soft. I will continue to repurchase this bag for as long as they sell it. This one should last me at least 5 years, possibly 10.

1. keys
2. phone
3. cards
4. Aleve
5. one pad
6. one scrunchie
7. rose lip balm (Pangea)
8. 99 Red Balloons Pencil (Ilia)

The only other things I occasionally have in it are a coupon, powdered sunscreen, or a lipstick that I’m wearing that day. But the list above are the things I always keep in it.

People also like to put sunglasses in their bag. This bag is big enough to fit that and more.

I don’t think my bag will ever change, unless I have kids, and it works extremely well for me. I like crossbody bags because they are good for your health (no shoulder slouch). If you get migraines, it could be from shoulder slouch. It’s not something we consciously do. I do like the over-the-shoulder or clutch version for a night out, but running errands, crossbody works the best. This bag converts to that with the adjustable strap. I like the simplicity of owning a single bag. Very freeing.

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Minimalist Bag

  1. After watching your video several times and searching for months for the right bag – I did buy this exact bag (because what I had was not good enough – it was gigantic). I wanted it in Heritage Blue (navy) but it was discontinued ages ago. I finally found it on eBay brand new and it arrived today. I can’t wait to take it out into the world. The wallet I’m using is a little bigger than the one you show and I’m not sure it will allow me to keep other things in there without getting too bulky, so I’ll have to experiment. I’m so thankful that you introduced me to this bag and I am surprised there aren’t more videos or reviews about it.

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