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Visit my captioner version of this list as well.

desk with pull-out keyboard tray
laptop/laptop stand

cubby holes with one designated for each set of exhibits
2 paper tray organizers (one for pages you regularly grab on the way out the door,
and the other for the small exhibit stacks)

heavy-duty printer
heavy-duty scanner
extra paper
paper shredder

receipt organizer (one with a segment for each month)
notebook (for organizing jobs/tax info)
pencil holder, pencil, scissors

In One Shallow Container Easy to Grab:
Exhibit Stickers
Paper Clips
Business Cards
Large Rubberbands

Court reporting bag
Court reporting backpack

All things in court reporting bag and backpack listed in another post.
If you are realtime, you would have iPads or throwdown laptops as well in your bag.

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