Which Machine?

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I speak with no bias. Everyone knows me knows that I have somewhat of distaste for Stenograph for how they handle business (profit over customers); however, I will not let that get in the way of reason.

The Diamante is a stunning machine, arguably the best on the market. I’ve had my go at many machines, but none have impressed me as much as the Diamante. I was able to adjust to it in no time, which hasn’t been my experience with most other machines.

If you are going into broadcast captioning, just stick with the Wave, which is exactly the Diamante with minimal internal memory (one-fourth the cost!).

Save money by buying the Diamante used or by waiting until Black Friday to purchase (25-30% off)! Also, I imagine Stenograph will be featuring the new machine at the convention coming up. That will drive the price down of this machine, which will be nice.

Keep in mind that Stenograph taxes in every state, so buying used is an incredible savings just in tax alone.

Stenograph’s Diamante (esp great for those coming off the Protege) $5,195
Stenograph’s Wave (for captioners/CART providers/students) $1,495

ProCat’s Impression (esp great for those who are coming off the Protege) $5,095
Advantage’s Passport (has individual key sensitivity adjustments!) $5,395

Stenovation’s LightSpeed $3,195 – for technical and sensitivity issues (hard to adjust to)
Infinity’s Ergo $5,175 – for the odd, distracting look and two asterisk keys (hard to adjust to)

NOTE: Prices are as of 01-16-2014.
I haven’t tried Infinity’s Traditional machine, but it is worth checking out.

Stick with a machine that is tried and proven. Eclipse is undoubtedly the software of speed champions (wonderful AI technology), and the Diamante is the machine court reporters favor. There’s a reason you see them everywhere when around professional CRs. It is a stunning and reliable machine that is very lightweight/compact in comparison to the Passport. Perfect color choices (love the baby blue), and the design is beautiful and simple – reminds me of the ocean.

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  1. Hi. What machine is that you’re using for captioning? (referencing your youtube channel, demonstration of how you write). I’m subscribed to your everything (smiles) Thanks for you.

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