Words in Brackets

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Here’s the format to define one: {N}[no audio]{N}
Here is the define for open and close bracket so you can make whatever you want in them on the fly:
Open bracket BR-KT: {N}{[}
Close bracket BR-KTS: {^}{]}{N}
Do the same with parentheses.
I double-stroke most of these, but the extremely common ones, I definitely get in one.

Here are the ones I use the most:
[applause] – just clapping
[cheering] – in a stadium
[no audio] – when audio literally cuts out
[talking over]
[foreign language]
[inaudible] – when audio is there but you can’t understand it

Here are the ones you’ll rarely use:
[boos] – really only for talk shows or sports
[dog barking]

Here’s ones I use in producing transcripts, not in captioning:
(loss of audio)
(sound effect)

You really don’t need very many words in brackets, so don’t worry about it too much.

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